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  • Harley Davidson Motorcycle

    What is the appeal of cruising on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

    Looking at the reasons why Harley Davidson motorbikes are particularly popular for cruising around the landscape.

    One of the most classic motoring enthusiast dreams often involves cruising down an open road on a high powered Harley Davidson into the sunset. It’s a scene that not only do many of us imagine in our heads but one that often appears in movies and TV shows year after year. It might seem like a dream created specifically for America but it is one that can be just as enjoyable in Ireland during the summer months. Find Used Motorbikes Northern Ireland

    Most of the time, the dream isn’t so much related to the area but is often centred around the bike itself and has led to a huge spike in Harley Davidson sales in Ireland over the last few years. There is more to the bike than just breezing through the countryside at 100kph and the bike manufacturer now has fan clubs popping up in towns and cities all over the country. So why is it so popular?

    Prestigious item to own. Having a motorbike is one thing but owning a Harley Davidson means something on its own altogether. After all, the bikes have a cult status in the Western world and many people are willing to spend hundreds of thousands on some models. This means that the bike is something that is not only going to be admired by the owner but by anyone who sees it riding down the street or on the road. It may not mean that the rider behind the wheel is Mad Max or a 70’s rock god, but it will certainly have the ability to raise the profile of the owner within their own circle of friends.

    Having the ability to enjoy the open road. Unlike other top-end motorbikes or used cars, Harley Davidson motorbikes aren’t designed to be thrown into hairpin bends at crazy angles and speeds. Instead, they are about enjoying the area and watching the world pass by at the rider’s leisure. It certainly doesn’t mean that riders need to go slow as they hit the open road but riding a Harley is about feeling the wind through the air and being free. It’s enough to create the sensation of being free and controlling your own path both on the road and in life itself. And there’s no better feeling than that.

    Belonging to part of a larger community. With Harley Davidson’s enjoying a cult status throughout the world, dedicated fan clubs have formed around owning a bike made by the American company. These circles allow biking fans to talk about one of their biggest passions and organise events such as group rides in certain areas. Rather than just being a Harley Davidson owner, being part of one these clubs turns the bike into a way of life with it being one of the biggest part of someone’s social life as they get more involved within the Harley Davidson community. Find a list of bike trader in the uk and Ireland.

    It’s not every day where one manufacturer can have such a strong following but Harley Davidson motorbikes have that certain aura about them which will always make motorcyclists dream of owning and riding one no matter who or where they might be. has dozens of Harley Davidson bikes for sales and has dealerships listed throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

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